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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT- April/May Tournament Changes

The Sticks Directors have been following the COVID-19 virus closely and while the situation is changing daily we have put together a plan for the April and May tournaments. We made changes to stay within the current guidelines that have been set, while still providing members an outlet to get outside and fish. We are holding a positive attitude that we can get back to business as usual by June. Below we detail out how we will proceed for the first two live tournaments, Omaha Metro and Capital City Clash in a few different scenarios.


At this time, we will proceed with the roadrunner style tournaments with a handful of changes. The 1st being, instead of limiting everyone to launch from a single ramp on a lake, you will be able to trailer your kayak to any accessible spot on the lake where you will be able to launch. What that means is you can use any parking lot or parking spot where you are out of the way and not parked illegally. Put on your wheels and pull your kayak down to the lake to put in. This will help spread folks out and reduce the amount of anglers at the ramps. Just use common sense when doing this — if you have an angler launching where you are, move down the bank to keep your distance before launching or wait.

The 2nd change will be allowing anglers to launch an hour prior to lines in. This will give everyone plenty of time to get out on the water without feeling rushed. Also at the end of the tournament, after lines out, you will have the standard hour to get your pictures submitted. That being said, you do not have to get off the water by a certain time. You can leisurely work your way back to shore or continue to fish if you would like.

The 3rd change is regarding Captain’s meetings and awards. These will both be done virtually. The Captain’s meeting will be done the evening prior on Facebook live in the sticks group. For those that don’t have Facebook we will upload the URL to our website where they can click the link to watch. Awards will be done the same way the evening of the tournament. We will post these times in TourneyX, on the website, and Facebook events page once we have them nailed down.

The 4th change – Since we are essentially doing everything virtual, we will be utilizing the Check In/Check Out function through TourneyX. On your dashboard in the TourneyX app is a “Check In/Check Out” tab. You will select this and the appropriate tournament you are fishing. This will let us know when you get on the water and when you are off the water/done submitting photos at the end of the tournament. This will be a requirement and if you don’t follow these steps we will not accept your fish. This is for safety purposes above all else which is why we are enforcing this rule.

Few other things to add — Get your kayak setup at your vehicle, only once you are ready to launch should you be anywhere near the ramps/launch locations. Since we will be launching in the dark you must have a 360 light for your kayak. If you search within the club Facebook group, you will find a handful of posts regarding these lights and options/products other anglers have used. Lastly, this only works if you use good judgement and follow the rules we have setup. Be smart and if you find yourself in a situation where there are other anglers launching or getting off the water in the same spot, keep your distance and take your time till it’s free for you to move in.


We move this event to a 24-hour online tournament. We will increase the numbers of public lakes immensely within a certain radius around the Omaha Metro and the Capital City Clash. If we need to make this decision, we will provide more details regarding the structure of this event when the time comes. The tournament date would remain the same.


We cancel the event and look to reschedule if possible.

Since this is such a fluid situation and things are changing rapidly we will continue to update you with any changes. We wanted to get our game plan out in front of everyone so you know what to expect. The health and safety of our members is our highest priority which is why we have made these changes. We believe these will be extremely effective and you will still be able to enjoy competing safely as long as everyone is respectful and follows these rules. If the situation worsens and we feel it is no longer safe we will not hesitate to cancel this event.