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IMPORTANT UPDATE – Live Event #1 – Capital City Clash

Capital City Clash
Below is the itinerary for the tournament on May 16th. We are carrying over many of the rules that were going to be used for the Omaha metro. Please read all the way through and ask any questions you have, so there are no surprises on tournament day.
· Captain’s Meeting: This will be done via Facebook live on the sticks group page at 7:30 PM on Friday May 15th. We will post the link to the Captain’s meeting on our website afterwards. We will also give out the unique identifier at that time by using a random code generator.
· Launch and Lines in time: You may launch at 5:00 AM and lines in will be at 6:00 AM. Instead of limiting everyone to launch from a single ramp on a lake, you will be able to trailer your kayak to any accessible spot on the lake where you will be able to launch. What that means is you can use any parking lot or parking spot where you are out of the way and not parked illegally. Put on your wheels and pull your kayak down to the lake to put in. This will help spread folks out and reduce the amount of anglers at the ramps. Just use common sense when doing this — if you have an angler launching where you are, move down the bank to keep your distance before launching or wait.
YOU MUST HAVE A 360 LIGHT WHEN LAUNCHING IN THE DARK. This is for your safety and will be strictly enforced. If someone is found to be launching without one they will be disqualified.
o Since we are doing everything virtual, we will be utilizing the Check In/Check Out function through TourneyX. On your dashboard in the TourneyX app is a “Check In/Check Out” tab. You will select this and the appropriate tournament you are fishing. This will let us know when you get on the water and when you are off the water/done submitting photos at the end of the tournament. This will be a requirement and if you don’t follow these steps we will not accept your fish. This is for safety purposes above all else which is why we are enforcing this rule.
PDF’s – Must be buckled and zipped at all times.
· Lakes you can fish: We are adding all the larger lakes in the area instead of just the three. See below for the list of approved lakes. We expect to see a lot of shore fisherman and boaters so be respectful to other anglers and represent the club with good sportsmanship. Since you are able to launch anywhere avoid clogging boat ramps. If you choose to use the boat ramp, make sure you are using it in a timely fashion.
o Yankee Hill
o Holmes
o Wildwood
o East & West Twin
o Branched Oak
o Wagon Train
o Pawnee
o Stagecoach
o Bluestem
o Olive Creek
· Lines out and photo submission: Lines out will be at 2:30 PM. You do not need to be off the water at this time, but you can no longer fish. You must have all fish submitted by 3:30 PM. Any submitted after that time will not be accepted.
o Once your fish are submitted make sure and “Check out” on TourneyX. This lets us know you are finished and done with the tournament.
· Membership packets – We will be setting up tables with your membership swag at the Kohls parking lot on 27th and Yankee Hill area (8700 S 28th). You can drop by and we will hand them to you.
· Awards – Awards will be done virtually at 7:30 PM May 16th. Winners and giveaways will be announced. Cash winners will be awarded via PayPal and trophies/prizes will be sent to the winners.