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Date and location will be announced in late summer 2023 but details of the event are as follows:

Two person teams
Best 5 fish limit per team.  Each angler has to submit at least 1 fish. So one team member can submit 4 but the other has to submit at least 1.
$50 entry per team ($25 per person). This will be cash at the ramp the morning of the event.
An individual big bass pot will also be optional for $5. Also, done as cash at the ramp the morning of.
All competitors will launch from the main boat ramp on the west side of the lake.
Launch will be at 6:45AM, Lines In at 7:00AM and Lines Out at 2:00PM.  
Must be in line for photo judging at the main boat ramp no later than 2:45PM and awards will follow once all fish have been judged.
Judging will be done at the ramp from your phone at the end of the event.

Standard Stick’s rules apply