APRIL 24, 2021

Omaha Metro Classic 

Four Lake Roadrunner: Prairie Queen, Walnut Creek,  Wehrspann and Zorinsky

Catch Photo Release Tournament:

Entry fee – $40 

Optional Big Bass $5 

***You will register, pay entry and big bass fees through TourneyX***

Best 5 bass by length. 

Friday, 4/23/2021:

Pre-fishing ends at 4:00 PM

Captain’s Meeting: 7:30 PM on Facebook Live. 

Saturday, 4/24/2021: (Tournament times could change)

5:45 AM Launch. You may launch your kayak from any accessible location on the lake. **Make sure you have a 360 light.

6:15 AM Lines in.

2:15 PM Lines out.

3:15 PM Pictures cutoff

4:30 – 5:00 PM Awards will be done at Wherspann. Park by the boat launch and there is a gazebo just below it where we will set up.