August 22nd, 2020 – LAKE FLANNIGAN

This is a unique kayak fishing tournament!  You can catch as many bass as you like and CPR every fish for inches.  

The total inches will be your score.  

The TourneyX App will show your top fish and your total score.  This one will be fast and furious!  

Launch at 6:00 AM, lines in at 6:30 AM and lines out at 2:00 PM on Flannigan Lake in Omaha.  

All photos must be submitted by 3:00 PM. 

$25 cash entry fee paid on site.  $5 of entry fee goes to pay for TourneyX administration.  $25 will go toward paying our judge for the day.  100% payout after that!   60%  to first,  25% to second, 15% to third.  Minimum length is 8 inches. 

Catch as many bass as you can!  You must have the TourneyX App to participate.  

All other “Sticks” rules apply to this tournament.