tuesday night series

The 2021 schedule is set along with some important updates:

The 2021 Tuesday Night League will in many ways run as it has in previous years with a few new changes.  We will continue to use the main rules of The Sticks.

Launching will continue to occur at 5pm with lines in at 5:30pm.  Lines out will be at 8:45 or 9:00pm depending on seasonal daylight and will be posted in the Facebook event.

The Facebook event will be used to post your 3 best bass.  The identifier and paypal address will be posted in each event.

Angler of the year will be determined by your best 3 finishes of the season.  AOY ties will be determined by following The Sticks rule number 11.

Any event having 10 anglers or more, will pay out the top 3 spots. The winner will receive 50% of the total entry fees. Second place will receive 30% and third 20%.  If there are 9 anglers or fewer, only the top 2 will be paid at 60% and 40% of the total entry fees.

Changes for 2021:

Big Bass – Entry fees will stay at $10 with an optional $2 Big Bass pot.  The $2 will be split into two pots.  One dollar goes into the biggest bass of the evening pot.  The other one dollar goes into a pot that grows all year until someone catches a 20” fish.  If the season-long pot continues until the final night the pot will go to the person with the biggest fish of the year or split evenly between those that tie for biggest fish of the year.

Makeup date – August 10th has been set as a makeup date.  We will only use the makeup date if we have to cancel one of our trips to Burchard or Verdon.

Brian Johnson will be the Director for Tuesday Night Leagues, please reach out to him with any additional questions.

Please check the NRD website for information on additional park permits required for Duck Creek and Iron Horse.