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tuesday night series

The 2022 schedule is set along with some important updates:

The 2022 Tuesday Night League will in many ways run as it has in previous years with a few new changes.  We will continue to use the main rules of The Sticks, please review per the link above as there are some changes for 2022.  One change to remember is Ketch boards only, this applies to the league events as well.  The minimum size fish will remain at 8″.

Launching will continue to occur at 5pm with lines in at 5:30pm.  Lines out will be announced at the ramp prior to launch.

The entry fee of $10 cash will be taken at the ramp for 2022 prior to launching.  We will also go back to judging your 3 fish off your phone at the ramp when competition ends.  

Any event having 10 anglers or more, will pay out the top 3 spots. The winner will receive 50% of the total entry fees. Second place will receive 30% and third 20%.  If there are 9 anglers or fewer, only the top 2 will be paid at 60% and 40% of the total entry fees.

2022 Changes:

Angler of the Year – Angler of the Year points will be awarded for each event (no membership required); therefore first will receive 100, second 99, third 98, etc.  AOY will be based on your best 3 finishes; if there is a tie we will go by the longest stringer of your best 3 finishes.  If a tie still occurs we will go by your biggest bass of those best 3 events.

Big Bass There will be an optional $5 Big Bass pot.  This will be paid out at each event therefore big bass for each event takes the whole pot.

Brian Johnson will be the Director for Tuesday Night Leagues, please reach out to him with any additional questions2

Please check the NRD website for information on additional park permits required for Duck Creek and Iron Horse.